Ears, Nose and Throat are the three main organs of the human body. It is often observed that out of 2 in 10 people suffer from ears, nose or throat related problems. ENT specialists at Doctors Planet are trained in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with ear, nose and throat diseases.

ENT specialists are trained to treat the diseases related to ears like hearing loss, ear infections, balance disorders, They also treat nose diseases like allergies, sinus, smell disorders and nasal obstruction. Throat disorders like esophagus problems, swallowing disorders and voice problems are also well treated in Doctors Planet. Our specialists diagnose the disease properly so as to give the proper treatment to them at earliest as possible. The common symptoms that are observed for ENT diseases are

Headaches.This headaches are very severe and very frequent.
• Sinus attack.This commonly a pain in the nose, face and upper teeth. This pain occurs in patients suffering from sinus disorders.
• Sore throat. This includes throat ache, itchy throat that can lead to difficulty in swallowing and sometimes loss of voice.
• Other symptoms are dizziness, difficulty in breathing properly, runny nose causing redness of nose.

ENT can cause due to allergies from outside environment like pollution, viral infections, fluid or wax in ears, exposure to loud noise, genetic disorders, sinusitis etc.

At doctors planet following diagnosis are done to start the treatment fast and in the better way. The diagnosis are.....

• Allergy tests
• Special test for hearing
• Hearing assessment
• Speech audiometry
• Impedance audiometry
• Brain stem evoked response audiometry

Our specialists at Doctor Planet

Dr. Lokesh Kumar Bhama
M.B.B.S., DLO, ENT (M.S)