Many people now a days suffer from various health issues such as cold & flu, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and heart diseases which can be treated with the help of various medicines. In such situations General Medicines play an important role. At Doctor’s Planet, we know the medical problems and various injuries are doubtful and thus we are committed to provide you with the best possible treatment.

General Medicine deals with prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatments which are related to internal organs. At our department we study the causes and symptoms of your problem as well as we diagnose and treat various disorders that affect your body. We also provide you with the information of various chronic illnesses and how to identify them.

The initial stage of any disease is to understand the signs and symptoms of your illness. For example, fatigue, weight gain , frequent mood swings, neck swelling, dry or cracking skin are few symptoms of thyroid. Every individual should keep a watch of the signs and symptoms which are related to your disease.

At Doctor’s Planet we analyse the various signs and symptoms of a disease and diagnose it in our advanced diagnosis center. After being diagnosed with a disease we help you to get treated as well as help you to prevent it from occurring. Your health is regularly monitored with a planned treatment schedule and required care.

At Doctor’s Planet you are well understood and provided with the required support. We provide you with the best care right from the first step of being diagnosed, prevention and treatment. The motive of our team of doctors and specialist is to provide best possible treatment to patients who are ill and suffer from any disease and help them to maintain the patients to maintain their health and prevent them from diseases.

Our Specialist at Doctors Planet

Dr.Rahul Bapat
M.B.B.S., F.C.P.S
General Physician