Doctors Planet have highly experienced and well skilled M.D. Pathologists. This Pathologists are specialized in their work. Following are the equipment we use in our Pathology lab

Automated cell counter

Automated cell counter is used to diagnose Hematology also it is used for the analysis of blood cells, detecting Anamia, to detect if the patient is suffering from hemoglobin disorder or if the patient has below average hemoglobin count and it is also used to diagnose about blood coagulation.

VITROS - 250

VITROS - 250 is used for biochemistry tests. It is also used to check the biochemical assays, for special protein tests, drug monitoring and Metabolic test assays


MINI VIDAS is used for immunoassay tests. It is also used for studying about the hormones and hormonal changes, Infectious disease, also used for diagnosing cancer and used to detect vitamin deficiency.

BD Vaccutainer System

It is used to calculate the accurate quantity of blood, it also detects the contaminated samples of blood and eliminate it. It uses bar code tubes to so that no error should occur. Hence it is more accurate.