Urology department  deals with the diagnosis and the treatment for the diseases and conditions at the urinary tract. Urologists at doctors planet are specialised in urinary tract, genital cancers, urinary stones, benign disease, bladder disease, infertility, impotency and pediatric urology

Doctors at doctors planet are specialised in these areas
 Urologic oncology
 Urinary calculi
Pediatric urology
Men’s health, impotency and male infertility
Enlarged prostate
Benign diseases like kidney, bladder, prostate and ureter
 Renal surgery
 Surgery of ureters
Bladder surgery
Testicular surgery
Pelvic lymph surgery
Urethra surgery
Surgery of penis
Hydrocele repair
Hernia surgery
Urinary diversion
Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection

Our specialist at Doctors Planet

Dr. Bhushan P. Patil
MS (General Surgery) from BYL Nair hospital Mumbai
M.Ch (Urology) from Seth GS Medical college and KEM hospital Parel Mumbai.